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Andrew Friedman Shares Marketing Best Practices for Impact Investing Services

The demand for sustainable and responsible investments is growing, and many financial advisors are looking to meet this need by getting involved in the SRI space. With so many myths circulating about what SRI really means, though, and whether these investments actually pay, advisors new to the space may be wondering how to market their impact investment services. We spoke …

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What you need to know about Sustainable, Responsible, and Impact Investing

By Ana R. Larreta   We spoke with Theodore Casparian, SRI educator and founder of Sustainable Investing 4 All, to discuss the most important concepts and trends driving sustainable and responsible investments.   What does SRI mean to you? SRI stands for sustainable, responsible and impact. The word “sustainable” may mean different things to different people – to me a …

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Place Investing

Community Capital Management Presents Opportunities in Place-Based Impact Investing

It is common for foundations, religious organizations and high net-worth investors to seek to fulfill a mission through impact investments. One trend that is gaining momentum among these investors is place-based investing, which is a site-specific commitment of capital to local businesses, financial institutions, non-profits or infrastructure with an expected financial return. Community Capital Management, a Florida-based institutional fixed income …

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ESG Investing Going Strong in US & Europe

Seeking Alpha recently reported that ESG investing is thriving in both the US and Europe, with environmental, social and governance screening now considered routine for many managers. The popularity of this investment style is putting pressure on corporations to adjust their business practices accordingly. It is now clear that non-financial factors play a large role in understanding a company’s risk-reward …

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Divestment Pledge Does Not a Clean Fund Guarantee

So you’ve signed the divestment pledge, vowing to avoid investments in the top fossil fuel producers. Or maybe you represent an institution that wants to take a stand against dirty investments. Either way, the question remains—do you actually know what’s in your funds? Enter As You Sow, a shareholder advocacy nonprofit organization, and their newly launched, a tool which …

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SRI May Soon Be an Option for Government Workers

A recent vote by the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB) may make it possible for government workers and military personnel to choose SRI products when saving for retirement. According to Lisa Woll, CEO of USSIF, a forum for SRI investing, employees have been vocal about a desire for more socially responsible investing options. “There is a petition and letters and we’ve been …

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Green Consumer Tips

Meet Maestro, the Occupancy Sensing Light Switch

Turning on the lights upon entering a room is not a big deal. But how often do you forget to turn them off when you leave, wasting electricity and burning your bulbs out faster? Meet Maestro, a motion sensing light switch that will make up for any absent mindedness. Maestro detects when you enter the room, and when you leave. …

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