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Green Car

5 Renewable Marketing Strategies

If you own an eco-friendly company, you know marketing it is of the upmost importance. However, you may want to consider particular strategies that may earn the biggest bang for your buck. Drive a hybrid car–few things better demonstrate practicing what you preach than sporting an eco-friendly car. A hybrid or electric car show that you believe in the renewable …

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Industry Spotlight
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Divestment Pledge Does Not a Clean Fund Guarantee

So you’ve signed the divestment pledge, vowing to avoid investments in the top fossil fuel producers. Or maybe you represent an institution that wants to take a stand against dirty investments. Either way, the question remains—do you actually know what’s in your funds? Enter As You Sow, a shareholder advocacy nonprofit organization, and their newly launched, a tool which …

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Do You Know the Water Risks in Your Portfolio?

If you think of water as a free-flowing, abundant commodity, you may want to reconsider. We all know food production is closely tied to water supply, but did you realize that the semiconductor and electronics industries are also affected? Julie Fox Gorte, Ph.D., Senior Vice President for Sustainable Investing at Pax World Investments, explains that the computer on which you’re …

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Recent Industry News

SRI May Soon Be an Option for Government Workers

A recent vote by the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB) may make it possible for government workers and military personnel to choose SRI products when saving for retirement. According to Lisa Woll, CEO of USSIF, a forum for SRI investing, employees have been vocal about a desire for more socially responsible investing options. “There is a petition and letters and we’ve been …

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Golden Fleece

SRI–a golden fleece for investors?

Contrary to the negative hype SRI investing sometimes gets, the sector has actually experienced strong performance over the past few decades. Socially responsible investing has been galvanized by the U.S.’ adoption of the U.K. practice of impact investing, which actively seeks investments with positive impacts rather than simply screening out negative ones. The popularity of impact investing has led to …

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Tar Sands

Looking for fossil free investments? Here’s an idea

Fossil Free Indexes (FFI), a carbon-responsible research firm, has partnered with Parametric Portfolio Associates to offer products based on FFI’s Carbon Underground Coal 100 and Carbon Underground Tar Sands 20 rankings. These rankings screen for companies with the highest potential CO2 emissions in their reserves of coal and oil sand. Parametric now adds these screens as additional options to their current FFI offerings, the flagship Carbon Underground 200TM (CU200) which lists …

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Green Consumer Tips

Meet Maestro, the Occupancy Sensing Light Switch

Turning on the lights upon entering a room is not a big deal. But how often do you forget to turn them off when you leave, wasting electricity and burning your bulbs out faster? Meet Maestro, a motion sensing light switch that will make up for any absent mindedness. Maestro detects when you enter the room, and when you leave. …

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