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Big Changes Ahead for Small Wind

Earlier this month the Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC) launched an effort to independently test and certify small wind turbines (up to 200 square meters swept area or approximately 65 kW) in an attempt to protect consumers and help small wind technology gain traction. The group’s certification will confirm that small wind turbines meet or exceed the requirements of the …

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Strong Support for Strong Renewable Electricity Standards

A coalition of clean energy industries recently urged White House and Senate leadership to take action on clean energy legislation at a press conference hosted by former Senator Tom Daschle on June 24, 2010. The coalition believes the following four provisions are necessary for successful clean energy legislation: Predictable financial incentives for projects and manufacturing, including extension of the Treasury …

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U.S. Lags in the Clean Energy Race

The G20 summit takes place in Toronto this weekend where leaders from the G20 countries will meet to discuss key issues in the global economy. The theme,“Recovery and New Beginnings” provides a positive and hopeful message for the global economy over the last couple of years.   As President Obama seeks to initiate ways to stimulate global economic growth, alternative energy …

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Alternative energy often requires alternative financing

A recent Chicago Tribune article confirmed that alternative energy entrepreneurs are finding it more difficult to obtain funding in order to launch or grow their businesses.  While they do not lack in innovation, and demand for clean energy is growing, finding the necessary capital to forge ahead has been a problem.  Unlike IT businesses that can startup for several thousands …

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