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Where will there be the most advances in technology in the next 10 years?

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What do corporate environmental efforts offer your shareholders? Walmart seems to know

By Kathryn Morrison Perhaps investors who want to be sure that all available profits from a corporation are passed on to shareholders should select Apple over Walmart, because the latter seems bent on using profits to undertake do-gooder projects. Apple seems to have no concerns about either improving the environment or returning jobs to America, with the exception of the token effort …

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Car Emissions

Slashed sulfur content in gasoline coming in 2017?

In March, the EPA released a proposal aimed at reducing sulfur content from gasoline by more than 60 percent starting in 2017. The goal is to significantly reduce emissions and improve air quality, hopefully reducing respiratory related deaths and illnesses. While sulfur itself isn’t horribly polluting, it interferes with a car’s emissions control system, thereby allowing more toxins to escape …

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